He also made some films such as Negar's Role, The President's Cellphone, Paradise, Wishbone, 1st Born and so on.



"Democracy in Daylight" is his first feature film which was made in 2009 starring famous actors.



He graduated in computer science and started his filmmaking career with "Habib" - a TV movie - in 1995.

The Presi' Cellphone

تلفن همراه رئیس جمهور
Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Mohsen Agha Ali Akbari
Writer: Jaber Ghasemali
Year: 2012
Synopsis: A middle-aged man who is a simple worker decides to buy a cellphone and a SIM card. When he goes to buy a second-hand cellphone, he accidentally buys the President's used SIM card.



Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Ali Atshani
Writer: Mahdi Alimirzaee
Year: 2016
Two young theology students are going to participate in an academic seminar about religions in Germany. Haj Agha Ferasati, a mullah and the head of the seminary, prevents them from travelling. They finally convince Haj Agha and get him a visa.



Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Ali Atshani
Writer: Mahdi Alimirzaee
Year: 2018
Synopsis: Khalil is a former Iranian soldier who is known as "Khalil Katyusha" on Instagram. He has to spend some days with Arshia who is a rich boy. Their social class differences cause them not to get along with each other well.

Along City

در امتداد شهر - ۱۳۸۹
Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Majid Karimi
Writer: Amir Ali Mohsenin
Year: 2010
Synopsis: A famous Iranian actor is taken hostage at a jewelry store robbery. Parallel to this event, different stories from different people who are dealing with specific issues are shown.

Negar's Role

نقش نگار

Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Ali Atshani
Writer: Mehran Kashani
Year: 2014
Synopsis: Farzad is going to marry Negar who is an orphan. In order to prevent his family's disagreement, Farzad helped by the orphanage, sends Negar to live with a family who will act as her actual family on the proposal night. However, complications arise before the awaited night both in the new family and in the couple's relationship

1st Born

اولین تولد

Director: Ali Atshani
Producers: Ali Atshani, Sam Khoze, Edwin Avaness
Writers: Mahdi Alimirzaee, Sam Khoze, Tarek Zohdy
Year: Not released yet.
Synopsis: A newlywed couple, Iran-born Ben and his American wife, Kate are living in California. When there's a complication with Kate's first pregnancy, both Ben's and Kate's families must come together, a rather complicated notion as Ben's father, Hamid, is an anti-American Iranian politician, while Kate's father, Biden (played by Kilmer), is an American politician who takes a hardline stance against Iran.

Democracy in Daylight

دموکراسی تو روز روشن

Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Mohammad Ali Zam
Writer: Ali Atshani
Year: 2009
Synopsis: The story of an Iranian army leader who has made mistakes in his life and now in purgatory wants to compensate for his mistakes.

Mr. Alef

آقای الف

Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Saeid Sharafikia
Writer: Amir Ali Mohsenin
Year: 2013
Synopsis: A young businessman wants to go for a stock auction but meets someone who tells him he's dying in two weeks.


یادم تو رو فراموش

Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Ali Atshani
Writer: Peyman Abbasi
Year: Not released yet.
Synopsis: Damoon is a famous football coach who has been recently fired. He is married and faces his old love again after many years and ... .

Selfie with Democracy

سلفی با دموکراسی

Director: Ali Atshani
Producer: Ali Atshani
Writer: Masoud and AmirAli Ahmadian
Year: Not released yet.
Synopsis: Will be added soon.

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Our company has produced some joint projects with European countries such as Spain and Germany and also produced first Iran-Hollywood co-production '1st Born' in 2018 with LA Independent Film and Entertainment.

In addition to having a production license, Bita Film has also a distribution license. It has been one the Iranian biggest and most active film companies that has released at least one movie per year since 2009 and produced one or two tv series. The international section of the company has also been active for years.

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